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        Grinding machine maintenance is important four-point proposal needs to know?

        作者:admin 發布時間:2017/11/13 瀏覽量:3934
        Grinding machine maintenance is very important Four Suggestions to know at present, many enterprises in the choose and buy machine, focuses on the performance of the machine and price, for the follow-up maintenance of machine tool but not too much care.In fact, we can from the side of thinking into the car.When we are in the choose and buy a car, because of considering the life safety, so when the car maintenance, everyone will timely maintenance.For machine tools, while create benefits for the enterprise lacks the necessary to the maintenance cycle and maintenance, so it is easy to failure, reduce the service life of the machine tool.

        For grinding machine, how should we maintain?

        Small make up:
        Part of the grinding machine operators for grinding machine maintenance is perfunctory, so that the grinding machine often fail, affect work efficiency.Small make up in this paper, and some Suggestions for the finishing grinding machine maintains.
        Grinding machine maintenance is important four-point proposal needs to know
        A, machine installation
        Factory ground bearing capacity and the machine tool running area, such as bearing is not enough, the ground will affect benchmark precision of the machine tool running.Grinding machine hydraulic oil and lubricating oil product choice, and must adopt new oil.Shadow 32 # hydraulic oil are briefly or 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil, rail oil lubrication with 46 # guide rail oil, pay attention to the grinding machine model, prepare enough oil.Electricity to match the power cord, such as wire carefully can produce hot wire, under the heavy load, causing electrical wiring short circuit trip, influence power plant production;Machine tools in place of discharge, must ensure that equipment enough bearing capacity, discharge passage enough machine mobile space, will not result in a machine tool collision and personnel safety.
        Second, the machine tool processing before
        Grinding machine is in place to complete installation, check the oil pipe, wire, pipe whether each joint lock.In electricity powered grinder the transmission parts, please use manual commissioning, to ensure that all parts of the transmission has been opened.Operators also need to pay attention to the grinding machine spindle turn, grinding wheel and machining material matching, and the balance of the grinding wheel.

        Three, machine tool grinding
        Check whether adsorption or clamping workpiece is firm, the distance of the grinding wheel and workpiece.On the running speed of the transmission parts and processing when the feed to observe, to prevent accidental discovery.Flip or shift after grinding workpiece, adsorption to the disk and workpiece surface clean, USES air pressure gun was clean.Disk boot order magnetic absorption, oil pressure, grinding wheel, stop valve, water pump, shutdown order is open the stop valve, water pump, oil pressure, spindle, disk demagnetization.

        Fourth, machine maintenance
        Operating personnel before coming off work of grinding machine workbench and the surrounding garbage sorting, observe the grinder around to see if there is oil leakage.A week point view grinder guideway lubrication conditions.Every 15 to 20 days of grinder cooling water tank cleaning, replacement of machine tool guideway lubrication oil every 3-6 months, replacing guide please clean lubricating oil pool and filter, oil pump per 1 year replacement of hydraulic oil, fuel tank and filter cleaning.Grinding machine idle more than 2-3 days time need not, the work should be rust-proof oil on mesa clean dry, to prevent surface rust.